You see it all the time. Parents go into a store for one second and leave their kid in the car. Well someone saw this and decided to teach this father a lesson. Maybe not in the best way possible.

Last Thursday, 24-year-old Devon Mills of Bristol, Connecticut saw a two-year-old kid unattended in the backseat of a car outside a convenience store.  He thought the kid's father needed to learn that a kid could be kidnapped in that situation.

So Mills decided to teach the father that lesson by actually kidnapping the kid. Mills stole the father's car with the kid inside, and drove off.  The police didn't realize it wasn't a real kidnapping, it was just a life lesson so they issued an Amber alert.

The police ended up tracking down the stolen car, as Mills was heading toward Hartford, Connecticut.  Apparently he had concert tickets for that night. Fortunately, the child was okay. Even though Mills was just teaching the father a lesson, he was still arrested for kidnapping, larceny, and risk of injury to a minor.

I agree that this guy should have been arrested, but I bet that guy never leaves his kid in the car again.

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