33-year-old Kevin Ammerman of Indianapolis, Indiana wanted to join the Marines. When he went to enlist, they turned him down because he weighed 351 pounds.

Kevin did not give up he tried to enlist in other branches of the military. When Kevin tried to enlist in other branches of the military, they all told him the same thing. They said he was not fit to fight.

So Kevin did something about it.  He cut out fast food and began training.  He doesn't say how long it took him, but Kevin managed to lose 160 pounds.

He enlisted in the Army and they accepted him right before he turned 34, which is the Army's enlistment age cutoff.  He begins his deployment on October 30th.

Good luck Kevin, if you are willing to do that commitment to defend our freedom. I hope your service goes well and I am honored to have you fighting for our country.