After 23 years a California man is returning a Corvette he stole. The reason may shock you.

The thief recently reported his crime to the police because storing the car simply got too expensive.The stolen car had been in storage for 23 years and appears to have almost never been driven.When the police recovered the car from the storage facility, they found that it had just 67 miles on the odometer, flat tires, and "it still had that new-car smell on the inside," according to the L.A. Times.

The man did not face charges since he cooperated with police, but the theft did not work to his financial advantage: Over more than two decades he spent $70,000 to store the red convertible, the L.A. Times reported.

Once the car was recovered, it was given to the insurance company that had reimbursed the dealership for the lost vehicle in 1989. The company put air in the tires, recharged the batteries, cleaned off thick layers of dust, and sold it.The buyer then sold it to Corky Rice, a Sherman Oaks car dealer, who sold it on eBay for $39,741, just slightly above the 1989 price.

Honestly who steals a car and just puts in storage for 23 years? It only had 67 miles on it. Would you not joy ride in that car once a year? I know I would.