Every week I look for the most moronic of morons, and every week I find another one that I have to shake my head at. This moron comes from Georgia, where he tried to rob a bank, only to have to return to the same bank a few minutes later to get cab fare.

Trevor Gladston apparently didn’t have a solid plan when he started his heist. He walked into the bank and handed the teller a note stating, “Give me the money or we start shooting.” The teller felt safe behind the bullet-proof glass, so she didn’t hand it over. Gladston then left the bank and got into the cab that had been driving him around.

That’s when things went really wrong. He told his driver that he needed to get to his car to get money out of it to pay her. She didn’t buy it and thought he was going to try to run, so she blocked in his car. When he didn’t produce the cash, she called over a police officer who was nearby.

The officer wasn’t aware of the attempted robbery, and insisted that Gladston go into the bank to get the funds needed to pay the cab driver. He reluctantly then went to the bank, only to have the teller there recognize him from only a few minutes earlier. The next turn of events is a shocker: he was arrested.

Maybe next time he’ll use his own car instead of a cab…

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