If you successfully robbed a bank would you go back if they didn't pay you enough money. I know I wouldn't, but this guy thought he deserved more.

On Monday, Arthur Bundrage went into an Alliance bank branch in Syracuse and demanded $20,000.  The teller shoved some money in a bag and gave it to him, even though he didn't show a weapon or make a threat.  Arthur left, and the teller called the cops.

Apparently, when Arthur got a chance to look in the bag, he realized the teller gave him less than the 20 grand he'd demanded and he felt ripped off.

So he went back to the bank to demand the rest of the money, while the cops were there investigating the robbery. He was arrested and charged with fourth-degree grand larceny.

Come on man, take the money and run. Don't go back for more. Criminal handbook rule 1.