I feel like this guy defines our Stupid Criminals category. A few months ago, 19-year-old Dakoda Garren of Vancouver, Washington was doing some odd jobs at a home in Woodland, Washington.

While Dakoda was in the house, he stole a box of coins. The coins were a rare and valuable collection worth about $100,000. Dakoda didn't know that.  He just thought they were regular face value quarters and silver dollars.

So he spent them on pizza and movie tickets.  One of the coins he spent at the pizza place was a Liberty quarter worth approximately $18,500.  He used it as an actual quarter, worth 25 cents.

Fortunately, someone at the pizza place had heard about the missing coins and a reward for whomever found them. Dakoda was arrested and charged with first-degree theft.

This actually happened to my friend once in elementary school. He stole about three dollars worth of quarters, or so we thought. We took them to an arcade and spent them. Turns out the quarters were worth a couple hundred dollars at the time. Luckily the owner of the arcade opened the machine and got the quarters out. His grandfather was furious, but thankfully the owner was cool enough to let us exchange those for regular 25 cent quarters.  Let's just say I learned a little lesson in stealing that day.