A man in Missouri really likes his hot sauce. He’s accused of pulling a gun on a Taco Bell employee when he didn’t get his hot sauce in his order.

It started when Jeremy Combs pulled into the drive-thru, griping about his order being wrong. He stated that he didn’t get his hot sauce in his order (something which would have been easily remedied), and security cameras show what appears to be a 12-guage shotgun being pointed at the employee.

As expected, the employee ran for cover, and police later tracked Combs down at his home. Combs claims it was a tire iron, not a gun, but police found a shotgun under his mattress.

Even better? He’s a convicted felon and isn’t allowed to be in possession of firearms.

Seriously, dude. It’s hot sauce. I understand the agony of getting home and realizing that it’s a supreme chalupa, not the Baja chalupa. Such sweet misery! Yet I’ve never gone back to yell at the employees, much less point a weapon at them. I’d like to award him my moron of the week award.

What do you like from Taco Bell? For me, it's the Number 6 combo.

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