I am not proud to be bringing you this story, however, it's a slow news day and I literally laughed so hard thinking about a TSA agent carefully inspecting the "notable bulge" that my Coke Zero shot out my nose.

You might've heard the name Jonah Falcon before.  He's the guy with the world's largest junk.  It's 13-and-a-half inches and is actually listed in the Guiness Book of World Records.

Jonah tried to fly out of San Francisco International Airport on July 9th, but he got stopped by the TSA when they became suspicious of a "noticeable bulge" in his pants.  Jonah says he was, "strapped to the left".  He tried to explain to the security screeners what they were looking at, but they didn't believe him.  After patting him down . . . I'm guessing very gently . . . and dusting his pants with explosive-detecting powder, they finally were convinced it was all Jonah, and let him go through to his flight.

Jonah said next time, he'll wear bike shorts so there's no question what things are. Talk about snakes on a plane!

If you’d like to see more of Jonah, in the PG way, check out this YouTube clip.