Ryan Leak knew from the first time he looked at Amanda Roman that he wanted to marry her. Five years after their first date he made his dream come true while making her dream come true at the same time. Their story is going viral after he captured his proposal and same-day wedding on camera.

Leak brought Roman to Miami under the cover that they were celebrating their anniversary. While there, he told Roman for the first time (after 5 years!) that he loved her, and soon after came the proposal. What Roman wasn’t expecting was to then discover 100 of their closest friends and family were waiting to participate their wedding that same day.

The idea came from a comment Roman had made to a friend two years prior, saying that she would love to get engaged and married on the same day. From that point forward, Leak began recon and started planning the big day. He used her Pinterest page to plan out what she would want, and even though the couple met a couple of bumps in the road with flights and weather, it was all pulled off and looked amazing.

The video is a bit long, but the story is well worth it. GRAB SOME TISSUES. You’ll need them.