Everybody poops. Even women (*gasp*).

Now men, we'll pop a squat wherever, whenever, but not women. For some reason many women have a crippling embarrassment over dropping bombs in the bathroom.

A new survey found that a full 70% of women say they hate when people know they're pooping, and "will go to great lengths to avoid having a bowel movement."

Half of women say they never poop in public bathrooms and another 40% will only do it if the bathroom is empty. 43% won't do it at a party. 36% say if they're dating a guy, they won't do it at his house.

And 25% go to a bathroom on a different floor of their building if they have to poop at work.

About half of women say their home bathroom is the only place they feel comfortable doing it.

So what's up ladies? Why do you hate it when people know you are pooping?