In my opinion a fiancée should not crash nor be anywhere near a bachelor party. In this situation there is a reason why Mario Lopez's fiancée probably crashed his bachelor party. 

During Mario Lopez's bachelor party in Las Vegas over the weekend, his fiancée Courtney Mazza surprised him by performing with the Pussycat Dolls. Now, was Courtney just serving up a sexy surprise for Mario or did she have an ulterior motive?

You may recall that Mario married Ali Landry in 2004, and the marriage lasted two weeks. That's because Ali found out Mario had cheated on her at his bachelor party and after finding out, she had the marriage annulled.

In my opinion, Mazza was checking up on Mario. If you heard that your fiancee cheated at a previous bachelor party, you would be panicking the whole time he is there. Once again though, if you're marrying someone, you have to trust them.

What is your opinion? Did she do it to be fun or was she checking on him? Tell us in the comment section below.