Hands down Mark Cuban is one of the coolest owners in all of sports. So he frequently speaks his mind and I think his actions in this video may get him a fine.

In case you did not know Mark Cuban is on a show called "Shark Tank". The basic idea for the show is that inventors come to you with an idea and all these rich millionaires decide whether to invest in the idea. Well on one episode a guy came in with these bracelets called "Power Balance". It is these bracelets that tell you they will unlock previously locked energy.

Their is no science behind this and Mark Cuban called this idea terrible. He said you are ripping people off. Well guess who just signed a deal with the NBA? You guessed it Power Balance. They decided to put all the NBA teams logo on them as well. So when Mark Cuban sees this he makes a video of him throwing them in the recycling bin. Good job Mark. Now can we get Dirk healthy again?

Check out Mark Cubans Power Balance AD below: