Matthew McConaughey has taken his shirt off a time or two for the camera, and I won't complain about it one bit. Someone who has been getting some complaints, however, is a shirtless Justin Bieber. He seems to be showing up in photos quite often sans shirt, and while many of his fans couldn't be happier, there are others who are saying to put his clothing back on. Now McConaughey is giving advice as to whether or not Bieber should be covered up, and where it's appropriate to be topless.

The advice came during an interview with MTV when McConaughey was asked about it, and though he seemed a bit taken aback by the question at first, he humored the reporter and even said at one point that "It's appropriate wherever you say it's appropriate, it's your shirt."

What do you think? Should be Biebs be covering up when he's in public or do you like seeing his abs front and center?

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