Fresh Tunes of the Week

Kanye West, 'Bound 2'

Kanye West recently premiered his video for 'Bound 2,' the second single from Yeezus, following his album Black Skinhead. In the video we see Yeezy get down to making sweet, sweet - and kind of disaffected love to his fiance Kim Kardashian.

Jessie J, 'Thunder'

Jessie J seems to have outdone herself in her diva anthem 'Thunder,' the third track off her Alive album, because it's literally giving us ALL OF THE LIFE! Like, sorry world! Fend for yourselves!

Katy B, 'Crying For No Reason'

Need a good reason to cry? Katy B, "Crying For No Reason" is the latest single off of her upcoming sophomore LP, Little Red. It takes the songstress into the touchy territory of sad disco balladry.

Backstreet Boys, 'Show 'Em (What You're Made Of)'

Backstreet Boys' 'Show 'Em (What You're Made Of)' video finally dropped this week, and for you hardcore BSB fans, you’ll probably enjoy that the boys opted to take off their shirts and make a bunch of pained, emotive faces, Yeah, not really my cup of tea.

Chris Brown, X Files

Also checkout Chris Brown’s new mixtape, X Files. The precursor to his forthcoming album, X, which features six songs that didn't make the full album's cut. Guests include Busta Rhymes, Ludacris, and Kid Ink.

You Gotta Hear This

I’ve recently become a fan of Blood on the Dance Floor, a duo based out of Phoenix, Arizona. They just released their latest single 'Believe' from their newest album Bad Blood. The band was recently featured in Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare festival. Like Rob Zombie, they're dark and colorful with an electro pop rock sound. I recommend you check them out.

Did You Know…

The Australian leg of Justin Bieber’s tour is scheduled to begin on November 26, but apparently Beliebers are not lining up to buy tickets this time. Tickets for all eight shows scheduled to take place down under are selling for half of the original price. Even front row tickets are selling for just $79 and there aren’t even any bids. Marketing and media experts are blaming the decrease of sales on Bieber’s recent actions. Australia I salute you.

Discover the Cover

When she’s not whipping out her tongue, dying her eye brows, or pretty much not competing with Amanda Bynes for the whacko of the year, Miley Cyrus is actually a talented singer. I want to personally thank her for not covering her dad’s one hit wonder, but also doing a remarkable job singing Lana Del Rey’s 'Summer Time Sadness.' Just watch the video below to discover the cover.