Fresh Tunes of the Week 

Daft Punk, "Instant Crush"

Allow me to explain: Daft Punk's new video (featuring Strokes singer Julian Casablancas) takes place in what looks like a replica of NYC's Museum Of Natural History, and Julian plays a historical soldier mannequin who falls in love with a colonial woman mannequin. (Talk about century-crossed lovers, amirite?) They don't say anything to each other (I guess it's impossible to speak when your mouth is sealed shut), but it's definitely love at first sight.

Tyga feat. Justin Bieber, “Wait For A Minute”

Young Money artist Tyga unleashes the official video to his single 'Wait For A Minute' featuring Justin Bieber. The Maejor Ali-produced tune serves as the first single from Tyga's forthcoming third studio album 'The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty'.

Lorde, "No Better" 

Lorde dropped this B-side on Beyday, which is a move akin to throwing yourself a surprise half-birthday party on the late afternoon of Christmas, but if you've been picking up what this girl's been putting down, "No Better" is worth your attention: a woozy, throbbing bass wobble underneath pastel synth in a simple, New Order-ish A/B back-and-forth. I'm not such a fan of verses that run at this pace and monotony quotient—it always makes me think '90s bubbledouche pop—but Lorde's off-kilter lyricism is well intact here, your breath's hot and gross but I kiss you like a lover, etc.

Fall Out Boy, "Where Did The Party Go"

In the song’s just-released video, a bloody-faced, hook-handed, evil-eyed (but still impeccably dressed) Stump is on the loose, and he’s not gonna stop until he gets what he wants — which is blood, yes, but also a sick dance party. The video, which is part seven of their “Save Rock and Roll: The Young Blood Chronicles,” contrasts the track’s upbeat vibe with a horror film thriller. Stump, looking deranged and psychotic in a spooky medical facility, chases the rest of the band (and some shellshocked-looking patients) through one dimly lit corridor and operating room to the next.

Ashley Tisdale, "You're Always Here" 

Shes back and ready to give her fans a brand-new guilty pleasure. The singer has released her single, "You're Always Here," on Monday (December 16) after teasing them the week before about her "special project." The song was written about her grandfather Arnold, she shared on Twitter over the weekend. "They say that love won't die/ And then I realize/ What will be will be/ You're always here with me," she sings on the chorus. "And in the darkest night/ I feel you by my side/ What will be will be/ You're always here with me.

Mac Miller ft Future, 'Earth'

On paper, a Mac Miller and Future collaboration sounds very, um, interesting. But it somehow works, as we get a first listen of the duo's Live From Space track, "Earth." Future actually doesn't sing a note on the tune. Instead, Miller makes very interesting use of the current king of autotune and croon's talents. The Pittsburgh native handles the melodic notes in the chorus to convey his lyrical love note. Future adds his two cents via a verse undoubtedly about Ciara. Listeners will be surprised to hear the ATLien spit straight bars over the soothing production. Live From Space released December 17. It's an album comprised of mostly live audio from Miller's "Space Migration" tour. "Earth" is one of four additional unheard songs that will appear on the project. Hear it below.

You Gotta Hear This!

Lea Michele, "Cannonball"

It's official: Lea Michele's (Rachel) first single, "Cannonball," has cracked the Billboard chart in its first week! And she's the first Glee star to do so as a lead solo artist. Go, Lea! The new tune, which was first released earlier this month, has landed at number 75 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart this week after selling 51,000 digital copies, according to Headline Planet. It also ranks at 22 on the week's Billboard Digital Songs chart. What's even more impressive is that the sales number for "Cannonball" tops that of any Gleesingle from 2013.

Discover the Cover!

Jason Derulo Covers Lorde's "Royals"

The latest one of our pop faves to drop by BBC Radio 1's "Live Lounge" is Jason Derulo, and he's brought a lighter, mellower rendition of Lorde's chart-topping single, "Royals," with him. Although you might think an established top-40 musician would have trouble connecting with a song that's all about being "the outsider," Jason totally puts his own spin on the track. Trust us, your ears will love.

Mashup Year in Review

David Kim, ‘2013 Danthology’

Another year of music and another music mix by David Kim which in my opinion is way better than DJ Earthworm.  Its 68 songs in under 6 minutes, enjoy.