Jennifer Lopez, 'I Luh Ya Papi'

The saucy video takes you on a trip down memory lane for Lopez as she mimics some of her most iconic styles from over the years, including her famous 2000 Versace cleavage-and-more-baring Grammys dress. She also channeled her look from her "On the 6" album and "Im Real" video. Lopez clearly wanted to spice things up a bit and have men's bodies exposed for once instead of women's. However, not every male was on display. Rapper French Montana managed to keep his clothes to sing his part of the ballad. "I Luh Ya Papi" is Lopez's first video off her tenth studio album.

Fall Out Boy, 'Rat A Tat

The bad-ass, fire-starting, anti-music women of "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark" are back with reinforcements in the new clip for "Rat a Tat" and their leader is none other than Courtney Love. The FOB's comeback record, Save Rock and Roll, is now the ninth installment in the group's Youngblood Chronicles. The clip opens with bassist Pete Wentz and drummer Andy Hurley suiting up with guitar neck machetes and snare drum crossbows before heading out to rescue frontman Patrick Stump from the music-hating hordes.

Skrillex, “Recess”

The dubstep prince unlocked access to one song after another until all 11 tracks of his forthcoming debut album, “Recess.” had been unleashed unto the world. While “Recess” was first available to fans who had downloaded a mysterious Skrillex smartphone app, clips of the album are now streaming before it goes on sale March 18. “Recess” features guest artists that range from the usual suspects (Diplo, Alvin Risk, Kill The Noise) to the unexpected (Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos, Niki & The Dove) to the downright surprising (K-Pop stars G-Dragon and CL).

Lorde, “Buzzcut Season”

Written by Lorde and Joel Little, "Buzzcut Season" features elements from tropical music and discusses about the "ridiculousness of modern life." Upon its release, it was met with positive reviews from music critics, who praised its production and Lorde's vocal delivery on the track. The song reached number twenty-nine on the US Billboard Hot Rock Songs and number thirty-eight on the ARIA Streaming Tracks. Lorde performed "Buzzcut Season" during a number of shows, including the Late Show with David Letterman.

Jay Z ft Daft Punk, 'Computerized'

Now this was unexpected! I just can't really understand how could a collaboration with hip-hop mogul Jay-Z? Can somebody explain this to me? "Computerized" is a leftover from Daft Punk's latest studio album which spawned the Grammy-winning song "Get Lucky" (it scored the "Record of the Year" award at the 56th Grammys ceremony this year). Anyway, "Computarized" is an unreleased track from the album, and it was co-produced by Kanye West.

Martin Garrix, “Animals”

Who is Martin Garrix he is a Dutch DJ/producer signed to Spinnin' Records. He is best known for the track "Animals", which was a Top 10 hit in more than 10 countries; the song has also peaked to number 1 in Belgium, Ireland and the United Kingdom. I expect to hear great things from Garrix I predict he’ll make a name for himself here in the good U.S.A.

Farrah Abraham, "Blowin”

Ok so apparently she’s now a singer, Former "Teen Mom"-turned-porn star Farrah Abraham released a video for "Blowin' and, no, it's not about that. It's no secret that the 22-year-old had dreams of pop stardom. "Blowin'" is the follow-up to her, "My Teenage Dream Ended," which included "the most horrible combination of sounds to ever be assembled in the history of audio recording."

Bastille, “We Can’t Stop (Miley Cyrus Cover)”

And finally, Bastille's incredible cover, which mashes up "We Can't Stop" with Miley's father Billy Ray's "Achy Breaky Heart" to create a narrative of a rebellious child and her concerned father.