Destiny’s Child, “Bug A Boo (Borneland Remix)”

The Borneland mix of “Bug A Boo” takes Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Latayia Robinson, and LeToya down to the disco, supplying a supple ’70s strut and breathing new life into the 1999 classic. It’s such an undeniably fierce, life-giving reboot, you’ll be breaking your lease, throwing your pagers (err, iPhones?) out the window, and having AOL (Gmail?) stop your emails all over again.

Chris Brown, 'Loyal'

Chris Brown enlisted Lil' Wayne and French Montana for his new track, "Loyal." The single opens with Weezy rapping about his lack of trust in his female companions. Chris Brown joins in, commenting on the gold-digging tendencies of women he knows, repeating a chorus of "These h--s ain't loyal." "Loyal" is expected to be featured on the controversial singer's upcoming album, "X." Due out in 2014, the record may be Brown's last.

Shakira ft Rihanna, 'Can't Remember To Forget You'

Shakira's back after avoiding a nasty brush with faceless EDM, this time with a little help from Rihanna. Opening with a low-slung, reggae-tinged verse that sounds a bit like the Police, the song soon morphs into a guitar-heavy, Kelly Clarkson-esque chorus that sounds as if it's been split into about four separate sections, each one catchier than the last. Lyrically, it's about how easy it is to forget how bad someone is for you when you still love them, with Shakira's still brilliantly odd-sounding voice wrapping itself around the lyric, "But when you look at me, the only memory, is us kissing in the moonlight".

Foster The People, "Coming Of Age"

In the midst of all the post-Grammys dissection and the flurry of commentary on Shakira and Rihanna‘s duet “Can’t Remember To Forget You,” the lead single from pop-rockers Foster The People‘s new album has also managed to make its way online. “Coming Of Age” serves as the first hint at what the band’s upcoming sophomore LP Supermodel will be like — and if you were guessing it would fall into the dreamy, melodic pop category that the trio so deftly tackled with their excellent debut LP Torches, you wouldn’t be too off the mark.

Alicia Keys, 'Paddle Boat Of Love'

Alicia Keys improvises a brand new Song named "Paddle Boat Of Love" with Stefan Raab on German television!

You Gotta Hear This!!  Chromeo, ‘Come Alive’

Montreal/New York electro-funk duo Chromeo have shared another new track from their forthcoming album White Women. This one's called "Come Alive", and it features vocals from Chaz Bundick, aka Toro Y Moi. Previously, they've shared "Over Your Shoulder" and "Sexy Socialite".

Comedy Song: Pitbull ft Kesha, ‘Timber’ Sang In Family Guy Voices

Pitbull & Ke$ha have one of the hottest songs out right now with "Timber," so its no wonder the song is being covered all around the web. But a Family Guy cover? Please go on, Seth McFarlane voice impersonator Milkey Bolts does incredible impressions of Stewie, Peter and more, and when set against a radio smash, well, thats viral gold!

Awesome Mash Up: Linkin Park/Psy Mash Up

The surprisingly cohesive piece is a collaboration between YouTube users “TripleKyun” and “RosalinaSama,” giving each song on Hybrid Theory its own Psy-centric title, such as “One Step Closer” becoming “One Style Closer” and “In the End” turning into “In the Gangnam.”