If you won't force your kids to eat apples, then dang it, someone's going to.  And that someone is now . . . believe it or not . . . McDonald's.  Yesterday, McDonald's announced some MAJOR changes to their Happy Meals.

#1.)  MANDATORY FRUIT. Before, kids could choose between fries or apples.  And, shocker . . . kids almost universally chose fries.  Or, we assume their parents forced them to choose apples so the kids chose option three:  Tantrum.

Now, every Happy Meal automatically comes with BOTH fries and a fruit or vegetable.  It'll usually be apples but it could also be oranges, raisins, pineapple, or baby carrots.

#2.)  FEWER FRIES. Before, Happy Meals came with 2.4 ounces of fries.  That's been cut by more than HALF, down to 1.1 ounces of fries.

#3.)  NO CARAMEL DIPPING SAUCE. Kids who did end up with apples before got a package of high-sugar caramel dipping sauce with them.  That's been cut.

#4.)  MILK IS THE DEFAULT DRINK. Before, a small soda was the default drink.  Now 1% milk is what comes with the Happy Meal, unless a parent specifically requests soda.  Fat-free chocolate milk is also a new option.

Overall, these changes make the Happy Meals an average of 20% lower in calories, 15% lower in sodium, and 20% lower in saturated fat.  The changes will start rolling out in September.