Wait, a minute, a 55-year old wants to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader? Yep, you read that right.  This isn't your ordinary grandmother, however.  55-year-old Sharon Simmons of Carrollton, Texas has been entering fitness competitions since she turned 50, and has won nine of the 20 she's entered.  She's also got a six-pack and blonde hair.

So Sharon tried out to become a Cowboys cheerleader along with hundreds of other women.  She says she actually forgot her routine, but improvised okay.

You can view her tryout video here:

I have to admit that Sharon looks really good for being 55 and maybe, just maybe all of the celebrity and gossip magazines are right, and 40, really is the new 30.

Unfortunately, since this is a feel-good story, the press is kinda tip-toeing around one unfortunate point in this whole story: While it's impressive that Sharon tried out, she didn't get a callback, so she won't be a Cowboys cheerleader.

Right now, the oldest cheerleader in the NFL is 43-year-old Laura Vikmanis, who's a cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals.  Here's what Laura looks like:

The Oakland Raiders also had a 37-year old grandmother on their staff last year named Susie Sanchez.  Here's a picture of her:

All in all, this Mother's Day, let's hear it for a new, older class of cheerleaders, but most of all, let's hope we look just as good at that age.  speaking of which, I have some crunches to do!