Actress Mila Kunis was in London this weekend to promote here new movie "Oz the Great and Powerful," and while she is probably used to these press junkets and the seemingly endless stream of reporters asking her the same questions, this one was quite unconventional in every way.

That's why she was so relieved when she realized that Chris Stark, who was on assignment for the Scott Mills radio show, was new to the whole interviewing celebrities scene. He tries his best to stay calm but you can see he is nervous at the start and with Kunis encouraging him he managed to avoid most of the questions he should have been asking and instead, just carried on a seemingly normal conversation with Kunis, talking about his local pub, sports and his nicknames for his friends. And then he asks her out to a football (soccer) game. And she said yes!

He even managed to learn a few things about Kunis that you may or may not have known. Like she was on "Baywatch" twice. "Once I played a young girl that runs to get help because her classmates are drowning. And the second time I played a blind girl who gets lost in the forest... Yeah. Fact," she said

She also revealed her favorite beer is Blue Moon, she has plans to go to Brazil next year, she can pour a pint without foam and she use to bar tend. All pretty cool little facts if your obsessed with Kunis. Check out the unconventional interview below.