Is America ready for a bald Miss America?  I hope so, because she is beautiful!

22-year-old Kayla Martel has been bald for half her life because of alopecia areata, a rare condition that results in unexplained hair loss. Though she wears her wig "98% of the time" while doing pageants, she prefers to go without the wig in her day-to-day life.  “I wore it to school, but took it off in the middle of the day, put it in my backpack and never looked back.”  Martel hopes to being understanding and acceptance to alopecia areata, a condition that affects 5 million people.  Martel wants to break the stereotype of "No hair = Sick".  “I run, I’m healthy, I eat well; I’m just allergic to my hair. With unexplained hair loss, there’s not one trigger for every person and there’s not one treatment for every person.”

With a large amount to reality TV shows dealing with "Bridalplasty" and people wanting to change their appearance, I love that someone who is going to be in a contest that is supposed to exemplify "beauty" has a trait and many wouldn't consider to be beautiful.