Today is Squirrel Appreciation Day, and in honor of the holiday I decided this video needed to be re-posted. This squirrel is awesome.

Pets are fun to watch, but few animals show the cunning and ability as that of the squirrel. They can get into bird feeders that are specifically designed to keep them out, they can walk the tightrope better than any professional, and they can leap from tree to tree in a single bound. This Mission Impossible squirrel is showing that these animals are crafty, and his moves are better than those of Tom Cruise.

The story goes that this video was shot in England. The course is a Rube Goldberg contraption, and the owners set it up piece by piece over the course of two weeks. The squirrel would learn one part of the course and be rewarded with nuts, and once that section was mastered they would add another piece on. The result, as you see, is pretty amazing, with the furry creature making his way from one end to the other in under a minute, then getting the sweet reward at the end.