My family has been tailgating at Cowboys games since 1994. Everyone always tries to get the coolest new tailgate gadget. Hopefully someone that we tailgate with at Cowboys stadium gets this cool new invention.

Now the tailgaters across the USA have thought of everything. My grandfather has a grill that attaches to the tailgate, now we can attach a stripper pole so we can really get the tailgate going. The pole is going to set you back almost 400 bucks, but you can upgrade to a brass pole for only 500.

There is a disclaimer if you weigh over 200 pounds it is recommended that you do not get on the stage because it might collapse. If I hit the lottery, I can assure you Eric the Intern will be tailgating with a mobile stripper pole. Just to say I have one. If anyone is interested they are available for purchase on Platinum Stages website.

Watch the mobile stripper pole in action: