Within  5 minutes of clicking "publish" on the previous story about "The Simpsons" contract disputes, I run across another contract dispute on another successful television series, "Dexter".

On Sunday, the sixth season of "Dexter" premiered on Showtime with 2.2 million viewers, the highest rated premiere for the series and Showtime's highest rated premiere for an original series in 14 years.  Within 24 hours of the record-breaking premiere, negotiations between star Michael C. Hall and Showtime have broken down.  Hall's current contract is set to expire at the end of the current season, which will wrap up production soon.  Showtime has been trying to resign Hall for another two seasons for a while now, but negotiations have stalled over a $4 million difference in offers.  Showtime is prepared to pay Hall $20 million for the next two seasons, but Hall is asking for $24 million.  Either total will make the Golden Globe winner one of the highest paid actors on cable.