Hurricane Irene wreaked havoc on the east coast a few weeks ago leaving millions of people without power - but all was not lost - we managed to find out the answer to the question on every body's mind: Which TV talk show host would you want to spend time with in the event of a power outage of at least 48 hours?

In a very random poll, GE Generator Systems asked families that very question.  And even more random than the poll itself is the number one answer - Ellen DeGeneres.

Ellen raked in 21% of  the votes, beating out other TV personalites like Jon Stewart, Rachel Ray, and Matt Lauer.

I suppose Ellen is not a horrible choice, after all she is mildly entertaining at times - but I have the feeling that her quirky persona may wear thin rather quickly.

Here are the rest of the results:

Jon Stewart - 12% 

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Rachel Ray - 11% 

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Matt Lauer - 4% 

So what TV star would you most like to spend some quality time with under the candle light?   In can be someone from the list above or not -doesn't matter.

Leave a comment below with your answer and we can conduct our own unofficial poll.