So apparently twelve year old Erol Fostin used some inappropriate language in class. He earned himself a 3 day suspension from school. His mother gave him a punishment he will never forget.

Erol told his teacher he doesn't give an 'f,' 'b,'" revealed Lisette Lopez, the boy's mother. "Those words are not acceptable in my house," she added. As punishment for his actions, Lopez forced her son to carry a sign in front of the entire school.

The large sign, which Lopez wrote, reads in part: "I disrespected my teacher. I would like to apologize not only to that teacher but to all adults." Faustin, dressed in a black suit and tie, held the sign in front of him as tears rolled down his cheeks.

I will almost guarantee that this kid will never act up in class again. Seriously, I would hate to see what his mother would do next time. So was this an appropriate punishment? Write your response in the comment section below.