Need to get Dad a great Father’s Day gift? How about a motorized recliner! A man in China has taken a recliner and turned it into just that. The first video shows the guy captured on camera, seated in the chair, rolling down the road at a decent speed. Though the clip has been circulating for at least a year, it’s re-gaining attention. He’s gone the extra mile to ensure that his seating is not only comfortable, but functional.

There’s no word on specifically where the video was taken or who the driver is, but I can’t help but wonder if the same traffic laws apply to a recliner as to other vehicles. The man in one of the videos noted on his YouTube page that he was surrounded by police at one point for not wearing a helmet.

This isn’t the first example of a motorized recliner. Guys have been doing this for a while and taking their creations to the streets. The possibilities are endless. You can take your La-Z-Boy with you to racing events, baseball games, little league soccer games, barbeques, church, the beach, and even restaurants (provided they have an outdoor seating area).