As you should have learned in school, Hitler and his Nazis had the idea of creating a perfect race. Little did they know that the poster child for their 'perfect race' campaign was actually Jewish. How's that for irony?

At age 80, Hessy Taft says she doesn't regret being accidentally picked as the poster child for the Nazis. In fact she now laughs at the fact she was chosen, basically giving a giant middle finger to all those dirty Nazis.

When Taft was only sixth months old her parents took her to a photographer to have her pictures made. The photographer then sent the pictures to the Nazi propaganda department, even though he knew that she was Jewish.

You can imagine her parents' surprise when they learned that their little Jewish darling was named the perfect Aryan child.

After learning of the pictures her parents confronted the photographer who, according to the story, claimed he sent the pictures on purpose and explained that there had been a competition to find the “‘perfect example of the Aryan race to further Nazi philosophy…. I wanted to allow myself the pleasure of this joke. And you see, I was right. Of all the babies, they picked this baby as the perfect Aryan.’”

Apparently the Nazis overlooked the small fact that she was Jewish and if the stories are to be believed, it was Joseph Goebbels who actually picked her picture.

Not only was her picture featured on magazines, but it quickly became one of the most popular images of the time appearing on everything from greeting cards to posters.

Taft and her family eventually escaped to Cuba and from there immigrated to the U.S. where the family set up shop in New York.