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“Fear Factor” shot an episode last summer that was so gross that NBC spent months deciding whether or not it should be aired.

The challenge is this:  The teams of two must completely drink full glasses of donkey fluids.   There was one glass of donkey pee, and a glass of donkey semen.

“Sources” tell TMZ that the higher-ups and NBC deliberated on whether or not they should air this stunt, but ultimately, they decided to give it the green light.

Sure, 50k is a lot of money – but they will have to offer up A LOT  more cash than that to get me do this stunt.

The episode will air this coming Monday, Jan. 30th.

If you can stomach it, TMZ has a picture of the glasses of donkey fluids.

SPOILER: And for the record, their source says “multiple” contestants DO finish the task.

Here is a video clip of the latest gross stunt on Fear Factor -

eating grasshoppers, rat hair chips and blood-maggot salsa: