Some people come up with really creative ways to make money. One woman in Buffalo, New York, is cashing in on her pregnancy by selling positive tests for profit on Craigslist. For just $25, you can have a pee-soaked stick sent right to your door!

The ad reads:

Yes, you saw that right! I am selling positive pregnancy tests! Ever since I became pregnant, I have been asked numerous times for a positive test, so I decided to start charging for it! I will take the test the same day you want to pick it up! I dont care what you use it for, not my business! ;)

If this ad had been posted prior to April 1, it would have been an even bigger gold mine.

There’s no telling how many requests she’s gotten by now, but there’s something genius about her ad. It’s perfect for pranks, to scare the heck out of someone, or even for the crazy woman who wants to “hold on” to the guy who’s leaving her. If Craigslist had been around when I was pregnant, I might have tried the same thing.

What do you think? Is the idea brilliant or just wrong?