We have all heard that laughter is the best medicine but is laughter also the best aphrodisiac?
I think Joanne Woodward  (married to Paul Newman for over 40 years) described it perfectly when she  said, “Sexiness wears thin after a while and beauty fades, but a man that can make you laugh everyday, ah, now THAT’S a real treat.”

Date Idea #7:

Comedy Club Date


This Valentine’s Day date is yet another date idea from the Love, Actually Blog under Comedy Club Date.  You really should check out the rest of the dates on this blog while you are there.  There are dozens of great date ideas with all kinds of fun little details.  For this particular date you will be turning your home into a comedy club.  According to ActiveRain.com, laughter releases endorphins, the body’s feel-good chemicals, giving us a natural high while reducing the stress hormone cortisol.  Any date that releases endorphins sounds like a success to me!  So here’s how you do it:

First think of a catchy (ok, maybe corny is a better word) name for your comedy club like, Jen’s Joke Factory.  For that extra little touch you can even make your own tickets and print them out at this website.  (The Love, Actually blog has another link to different ticket printables but I could never get it to work.)

The Love, Actually blog suggests putting on three acts:

Act 1:  Find those silly fill in the blank books that you used to love as kids.  You can find them at most bookstores or you can download a free version here.

Act 2:  Bring the stand-up comedian right to your doorstep, or in this case, your computer.  Go to trusty old Youtube and watch clips of your favorite comedians or some of those hilarious viral videos that get emailed back and forth.

Act 3:  Bust out the Laffy Taffy.  Share this nostalgic treat while you take turns reading jokes to each other.

So, grab your partner this Valentine’s Day and start laughing until the tears come.  Studies have shown that the shared release of endorphins, caused by laughter, trigger positive feelings and create a bond.  In other words, those that laugh together, stay together.