Lay's Potato Chips is at it again. This is the second year that they have done the "Do Us A Flavor" contest and the finalists are in. Lay's is asking the nation to try these funky flavored, chip concoctions and vote for your favorite. This year you can vote for Cappuccino, Wasabi Ginger,  Mango Salsa, or Bacon Mac and Cheese.

I'm not one to spend my hard earned dollars on food that I might not like so I 'm thrilled that former 92.9NIN DJ, Bethany Lee, took the taste test challenge on for us and gave me the go ahead to share it with you. Here's the breakdown of her snacking frenzy......

Cappuccino: "When I opened the cappuccino chips, it really smelled like coffee. They didn't have the sweetness I was expecting though, nor would I purchase it again."

Wasabi Ginger: "The wasabi truly tastes like wasabi and though it has a kick, it's not quite as spicy as the real thing."

Mango Salsa: "This one was so-so. I could taste the mango but it wasn't as strong of a flavor as I thought it might be."

Bacon Mac and Cheese: "I think this one will be the winner, that's my prediction. They didn't have as much bacon flavor as I might have thought, though, that may be a good thing since bacon flavoring can go really wrong really quick."

So, there you have it. Based on this review, I would obviously try the Bacon Mac and Cheese and possibly the Wasabi Ginger. I hope that this taste test will help you in the oh so important decision making of what kind of chips to buy. I, for one, am glad that someone did all the tasting and purchasing for me, I have a picky palate and shallow pockets. Try one or try them all, if you can bring yourself to do so.

I want to give thanks, again, to former 92.9NIN DJ Bethany Lee for allowing me to use her review. I trust your taste buds and fully respect your opinions. You are missed.