A chemist and a fashion designer have collaborated to create jeans that they say will remove harmful emissions from the air just by wearing them around.

Tony Ryan, a chemist at Sheffield University in England and Professor Helen Storey of the London College of Fashion are the two behind the 'green' jeans and, according to the Daily Mail, here is how they work: "The jeans are coated with particles of titanium dioxide, which reacts with light and air to neutralize nitrogen oxide – the pollutant emitted by vehicles and factories. The by-product – harmless, water-soluble nitrates – wash away when the trousers are laundered."

Basically they are said to work like the catalytic converters in vehicles that help reduce pollution as you drive around.

Storey, who has dressed super stars such as Madonna and Cher, says that all sorts of clothing could be used as 'Catalytic Clothing' but they chose to use jeans because they are so common -  'there are more denim jeans on the planet than people,' she said.

The Jeans are still being tested to make sure that there are no negative affects to human skin and are not on the market yet. They could go on sale within two years, but don't hold your breath - or maybe you should - without these jeans on, the air around you is just filthy.

What do you think? Are you buying what they're selling or is this just a 'green' marketing scheme?