We haven't had a good Superman movie since the 70s. Superman 3 & 4 were OK at best, and "Superman Returns" was amazingly dull. Warner Bros. is trying to make sure their next Superman film will make up for the last 30 years of broken promises, let downs, and Tim Burton.  Zach Snyder, the director of "300" and "Watchmen" is set to direct, Christopher Nolan is producing, and David Goyer, one of the writers of "The Dark Knight" is working on a script. Ok... that does sound like they are making a big effort to do this one right. Now to the big question, "Who will be Superman?" Right now, according to the LA Times, the rumored front-runner is Joe Manganiello from HBO's "True Blood". I'll admit it, I like "True Blood". Blood and boobs. Great show. And from looks alone, this guy would be a great Superman. No one will ever be better than Christopher Reeve, but it won't take much to be better than Brandon Routh.