In case you did not hear Twinkies came back yesterday and some people do not like the new company making Twinkies.

Ever since Twinkies left I have been craving one, but they will not be coming back exactly the same. The new Twinkies are listed at 38.5 grams per Twinkie.  Photos of old boxes of Twinkies show they used to be 42.5 grams per Twinkie.  Yeah, four grams isn't much, but it does mean they're 9% smaller than they used to be.

That size reduction also comes with a calorie reduction.  Twinkies used to be listed at 150 calories each. The new ones are 135 calories each. A spokeswoman for the new Hostess says the Twinkies changed size in mid-2012, shortly before the company went bankrupt.

The official retail price hasn't been reduced.  It's still officially listed at $3.99 for a box of 10 Twinkies. So people go out and buy a box to relive your childhood lunch.

Check Out the New and Old Boxes Below:

Old Box




New Box