If you're like most Americans, we're always looking for a better way to lose weight. For many, they stick to tried-and-true methods like diet and exercise. Others seek the answer in pill form or go under the knife. Because of our obsession with weight, science is forever looking for the next best thing to help us shed a few pounds. Apparently some people will try anything.

There's a new weight loss method out there called coolsculpting.

It is called coolsculpting, and it's exactly what it sounds like: completely cool. Literally, in this case, because this is mainly due to the fact that they freeze the fat within your body with a controlled frostbite.

Coolsculpting is based on the little-known method calledcryolipolysis: the art of freezing your lard while you're otherwise very much unfrozen. The idea is that under carefully controlled conditions, your subcutaneous fat cells are more vulnerable to the effects of cold than the non-lard tissue surrounding it.

The procedure goes as follows: Fat areas are pressed between two freeze plates for a couple of hours. During this time, your fat cells freeze over. This in turn should cause them to harmlessly break down and become reabsorbed by the body over the course of two to four months.

Um. What?

I'm from North Dakota, and even though the winds in the Falls has been kind of crazy lately, I rather enjoy being warm. The thought of freezing some part of my body doesn't sound appealing.

The story doesn't end with it being a simple procedure, however. Apparently, if you're fat, you're not a candidate for coolsculpting! The more fat cells that are being frozen, the more of a risk is involved. So really, it's just for those people who need to shed a couple of pounds here or there.

Also, from what I'm hearing, it's a very painful procedure. I'll leave this one for others to try.

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