It was a hard fought battle, but the results are in and Newschannel 6's Ken Johnson is his own personal heatwave, winning the honor of being "Texoma's Hottest News Guy".  Yep, he's your weather stud and it wasn't even close with Ken capturing almost 20% of the vote.  Honorable mention should also go out to Austin Bowling at 7News who hung in there, but his North Carolina dimples could only garner 15% of the vote

A total of 2,175 votes were cast in total for the contest.  As a side note, look how well Skip McBride did!  The old, salty dog was bringing the heat!!!  we are working to get Ken Johnson on the air this week with Chris Callaway to talk about how he got so hot, and possibly give out some beauty tips.

Oh yeah, we got a trophy for him too!

Here are the top 10 finalists:

Ken Johnson, Chief Meteorologist, Newschannel 6 19.54% 19.54%
Austin Bowling - 7News Meteorologist 15.13% 15.13%
Greg Parker, KFDX Morning And Noon Anchor 10.32% 10.32%
Chris Horgen - Evening Anchor, Newschannel 6 6.38% 6.38%
Ben Coker, KFDX Sports 5.86% 5.86%
Dan Moscaritolo, 7News Sports 5.16% 5.16%
Skip McBride, KFDX Anchor/Meteorologist 4.7% 4.7%
Tobin McDuff, KFDX Sports Director 4.46% 4.46%
Adam Ostrow - Newschannel 6 Sports 3.77% 3.77%
Justin Rudicel - 7News Meteorologist 3.71% 3.71%