Apparently the longest an NFL player went without getting arrested was 32 days. Seriously how is that possible? The NFL players can barely go a month without someone getting arrested.

The NFL players went 38 days without someone getting arrested, until running back for the Atlanta Falcons Michael Turner was arrested Monday. What is crazy is that Michael literally played in a game that night. Michael's team beat the Denver Broncos on Monday and I guess to celebrate he decided to go to a strip club. He had some adult beverages and decided to drive home. KIDS! This is always a bad idea don't do it.

He was pulled over and arrested for a DUI. Now this record only extends back to 2007, when an NBC Sports blog called Pro Football Talk started keeping its "Days Without an Arrest" counter.  But still.  In five years, the NFL had barely ever made it a full month without a player getting arrested.