I have a feeling when training camp starts his teammates may heckle him for this.

Terrance Ganaway is a running back on the St. Louis Rams and last year was his rookie year. Right now, during the NFL off season, he's back home in Waco, Texas working for minimum wage making sandwiches at a Jimmy John's.

Terrance says, quote, "My number one job is being an NFL player.  So don't get it confused [that] me working at Jimmy John's [is] lazy.  I know what I have to do.  I know how to get in shape and I know what it takes to perform at a high level.Really, Jimmy John's is just to keep me out of trouble in all the down time we have in the off season."

Terrance plans to keep working part-time until NFL training camps open again this summer. He says he really likes working there. So if you happen to be driving through Waco, Texas before NFL training camp starts you can have your sandwich made by a NFL player.