I know it is frowned upon in the NFL for players to date the cheerleaders. I am sure the people at ESPN are not happy that one of the reporters is now dating an NFL QB.

NFL rookie quarterback Christian Ponder is having a surprisingly good season. The Vikings are 4-2 and I am pretty sure no one saw that one coming. He is also having some luck off the field confirming Friday he is dating ESPN college football sideline reporter Samantha Steele.

Ponder, 24, tried to keep his new romance a secret, but once it was out he wasn’t backing away from the rumors, which began after the two were exchanging responses via Twitter and Ponder tweeted that the two were dating before deleting the tweet.

Ponder said Steele has visited him in Minnesota often since the relationship began a couple of months ago. The two met on the set of "College GameDay" earlier this year, when the ESPN live show was at Florida State, where Ponder was the Seminoles’ starting quarterback before being drafted in the first round by Minnesota last year.

Congratulations Ponder as a rookie you have your team at the top of the NFC North and a very successful girlfriend. Things are looking good rookie.


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