The New York Police Department is at it again. A month or so ago we saw one officer giving boots to an apparently homeless man. That seems like a pretty noble thing to do but what these officers did blow that little act out of the water.

It was around three a.m. on Sunday night when officers from the 40th precinct responded to a man being hit by a yellow taxi. When they arrived the man was still under the car and the officers had to act fast. So, by summoning their inner Hulk, a half-dozen officers literally lifted the cab off of the man. It took a couple lifts but they managed to get it off of him. This is an amazing example of how adrenaline can kick in when you most need it.

The man is said to have ran in front of the taxi and he was rushed to the hospital and is currently listed in critical condition. No charges have been filed against the taxi driver and none are expected. This guy got lucky that the officers reacted so quickly.