OK GO is the band behind all those crazy music videos . . . like the 'treadmill video' and the one with the Rube Goldberg machine.  It's like as their songs get weaker, their videos become more elaborate.  The new one is for a song called "All Is Not Lost" and just might be the TRIPPIEST thing I have ever seen.

This one features the band wearing spandex body-suits along with the dancers from a group called Pilobolus.  And the whole thing is shot looking up through a glass floor.

Near the end, they use their feet to spell out the phrase "All is not lost" in a bunch of different languages.  But if you watch the interactive version on the website AllIsNotLo.st, you can make them spell anything you want.

you can watch the interactive version at AllIsNotLo.st.  They start spelling words at 2:20