This sounds disgusting to me, but I know a few of you weirdos would love this thing. 

Let me start this out by saying, I hate pickles. The only time they're somewhat decent is deep fried or soaked in hot sauce. You could do that with any food though and I would probably eat it. So the latest snowcone flavor at Jungle Ice in Chickasha, Oklahoma has me wanting to vomit.

The standard snow cone is a nice sweet flavor, like cherry, grape or watermelon. At Jungle Ice, they're ruining snow cones forever with the 'Pickadilly'. A snow cone with pickle juice in it. If that wasn't enough for you. For a dollar extra, they will adorn it with pickle slices and throw a whole pickle in the middle.

Like I said, this is definitely not for me. Judging by the rest of the photos on their Facebook, the rest of their snow cones look amazing. Next time I head up to OKC, may have to make a stop here and pick one up. Just not a Pickadilly.

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