The Oxford English Dictionary, one of the leading world dictionaries, has added "OMG" (Oh my god!), "LOL" (Laugh out loud), and "FYI" (For your information) to its pages.  Wondering how texting phrases made it into a presigious dictionary?  Graeme Diamond, Chief Editor of New Words, explained what it takes to make the cut,

"You have to show that the word has been in usage for a decent length of time and, most importantly, that the word is used and understood by a wide audience."

Diamond also oversaw the addition of "WAG" (wives and girlfriends) to the new edition.  "WAG" was coined by a British newspaper in 2002, but gained popularity in 2006 during the World Cup.  With only four new additions a year, the Oxford English Dictionary does what it can to keep up-to-date on modern slang.

Along with the word additions, the definition of "Heart" was edited to include its usage as a verb.  Example: "I heart you."  In a statement, Oxford believes this to be the first English usage to develop through the use of T-Shirts and bumper stickers.

via CNN