I don't know about here, but America overall? One in three Americans would fail the US citizenship test given to Immigrants applying to become citizens of the United States.

Immigrants who want to become U.S. citizens need to pass a civics test asking detailed questions about our government and history.  39 out of 40 immigrants get at least six questions right on the 10-question test, which is a passing score.

People born in America become citizens without taking a test . . . which is good because one in three natural-born Americans FAILED the test in a survey by Xavier University.

Here are five of the questions that gave Americans the most trouble:

#1.) Only 7% of Americans knew the right answer.

#2.) Only 8% correctly named one of the authors.

#3.) 9% got it right.

#4.) Only 15% got the correct answer.

#5.) 16% knew the correct answer.

If you did not know the answers, do yourself a favor and do a little research that will expand your horizons today, and at least make you AS knowledgeable as our fine naturalized American citizens!