Wow, I'm all staged-out!  I had Riverdance Thursday then went to see the two shows opening at our downtown theatres.

Friday night:

Setting: Backdoor Theatre

I really had no idea what "Harvey" was about until I read the description on Backdoor's website.  The story of a man and his imaginary 6 ft tall rabbit, you say?  So right off, I'm immediately a little skeptical at the storyline.  Apparently there's a movie out there starring Jimmy Stewart.  So I walked into unfamiliar territory.  The set was quaint and Rob Robinson, who plays the lead, Elwood P. Dowd did a great job of being very likeable and quirky.  The guy who played Wilson was hi-larious!  Here's what Times Record News Arts & Entertainment Editor, Lana Sweeten-Shults had to say:

"Harvey" is a lighthearted comedy of errors and quite the crowd pleaser — a good choice for Backdoor as it launches its 40th anniversary season (watch for a big anniversary celebration March 26).

For the more professional opinion, check out Lana's complete review at Times Record News.  You can catch "Harvey" the next two weekends.

Saturday night:

Setting: Wichita Theatre

Every little girl, at some point in their lives, wants to be Cinderella (not pre-Prince-servant-girl of course).  My friend, Heather, is in the show so I went with a big group to support her as she flies across stage.  And what a stage!  The set is absolutely amazing! The costumes are fabulous! And (most of) the singers are just wonderful!  The step-sisters (and momma) are absolutely hysterical, Cinderella's mice friends are pinch-their-little-cheeks adorable and the pumpkin-to-coach sequence is very cool!  "Cinderella" runs the next four weekends.

I LOVE live theatre!!  Make sure to check out these shows!