The words in the title of this article are something I never thought I would speak or write, but you’re reading it correctly, Pamela Anderson is to play the Virgin Mary for a Canadian television Christmas special.

Known most for her bikini-clad role on Baywatch and for her infamous sex tape with now ex-husband Tommy Lee, one wouldn’t readily think of Anderson as Virgin Mary material. I’m going to assume that because it’s a comedy station, there’s a reason why she fits the role.

Interestingly, the role is getting recognition worldwide, but in Canada, where the show will be aired, the special isn’t getting much more than a shoulder shrug. Perhaps that’s because our neighbors to the north just don’t care, but that’s only speculation on my part.

Says Anderson of the role:

My agent came to me and just said, ‘This is something you probably don’t want to do but how about pantomime?’… He told me that it was funny and light-hearted and I thought it would be perfect because it’s funny that I’m on stage at all!

Go figure, I’d actually like to see this Christmas special.

What do you think about Pam Anderson playing one of the most beloved women of all time?

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