Every time I turn around these days, I find myself thinking that, "Hmmm, maybe the Mayans were right". This surely has to be another sign of the apocalypse. Top fashion designer Jil Sander has introduced a brown paper sack to carry your lunch in... for $290/each.

The Daily Mail reports,

The German fashion house sent a solemn bevy of cashmere-clad models down the fall-winter 2012 runway, clutching the rolled-up bags in leather-gloved fists. Now the unassuming accessory is hitting stores.

If you're wondering what on earth could make a paper bag worth this much money, it might be that it is made from high-durability coated paper, featuring stitched seams, metal eyelets (for ventilation, naturally) and a prominent designer logo.


If you feel like you need this, please, get your head examined promptly.