If you've been to a kids' talent show in the past 25 years or so, you know that every parent is taking a million photos and videos of the show.

Last week, there was a talent show at Lakeview Elementary School in St. Cloud, Florida. A mother named Latisha James was taking pictures of her kid.  A mother behind her named Jessica Tyler was upset that Latisha's camera was blocking her view.  So Jessica asked Latisha to move.

That was enough to spark an argument, which turned into a brawl.  The women were fighting, yelling, and swearing in front of the kids.  Other parents had to break it up. Both women claim the other one started it. Since talent shows are covered from a million different parents' video angles, the cops got a tape that shows Latisha was the one who got physical first.

She's facing battery charges and Jessica hasn't been charged. Both of them have been banned from school property. If you would like to check out the brawl it starts about 40 seconds into the video.

Check Out This Talent Show Brawl Below: