Parents if you want to raise money for your kids school, some parents in Denver tried something new and it made a bunch of money.

Parents at 14 different elementary schools in Denver, Colorado have come up with one of the better school fundraisers I have heard of. For the last three years, they've tried to raise money to support some of the programs that the school budget doesn't cover. For instance music and improvements to school buildings.

This year, their goal was to raise $40,000, which would take a lot of bake sales and wrapping-paper.  So instead, the parents decided to take care of it all in one night. On Saturday night, they held a pub crawl.  Tickets were $25 each and included drinks at three dozen different places, as well as music from several '80s cover bands.

If any school wants to do this in Texoma, I would gladly buy a ticket. To help out the children of course.